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Rice...what you got?

jenn | May 20, 200812:05 PM

Responding to the sticky rice thread got me thinking. I sure do have a lot of rice--more rice than any one family needs if you ask my husband. But honestly, its all different and serves different purposes. Right now I have Jasmine rice, japanese short grain rice, basatmi rice, brown short grain rice, brown purportedly jasmine rice, Thai sticky rice, black rice, the remenants of a bag of broken rice and I think one more but I can't remember what it is. The Jasmine is bought in bulk and used practically daily, the basatmi is for Indian food and never the twain to meet, as my husband learned when he mistakenly cooked bas. rice with a Chinese meal resulting in a rice strike by the pups. I am waiting for a chance to steam the sticky rice and making some meals out of hotsoursaltysweet.

What rice is in your cupboard? Please someone tell me you have more than me!

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