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Rice salad - I'm being tested by my MIL


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Rice salad - I'm being tested by my MIL

tacosandbeer | Dec 29, 2012 12:42 PM

We have been summoned (not invited, but told our presence was expected) to the in-law's for an early New Year's Eve dinner.

I asked, as I was raised to do, what we could bring.

MIL has responded with a text - "rice salad". I asked her for preferences - hot/cold, any ingredients I should include/exclude, etc. Nope. No clues.
In 5 years, I have never been served rice salad at their house. DH never remembers his mom making or serving rice salad. His overall feeling is that this a test. (MIL isn't my biggest fan.)
We are in the UK, if that makes a difference to anyone who might have a clue as to what this woman is expecting me to bring. I'm kind of wavering between wild rice/nuts/fresh herbs/celery? and something with a Moroccan vibe.
I know from prior experience with their palates that onions, garlic, strong dressings, cilantro, anything too spicy will not be welcomed.
Any suggestions appreciated. In the meantime, I will be hitting the cookbooks!

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