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Rice and moth?


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Rice and moth?

HLing | Jul 9, 2009 03:50 PM

I used to eat the Tamaki Haiga rice (half-milled with rice germ in tact) quite regularly until the sudden jump in rice price last year. Up to that point, the I've only tried Tamaki's haiga rice, which has the mouth feel of good short grain japanese rice but a slightly nuttier taste.

So recently I bought a different brand, Nishiki's Haiga rice, as it was almost half the price of the Tamaki. I opened the rice and put half of it in the usual container for rice, and the other I left in the bag sealed, also as usual. Not long after I started to find moths of sorts here and there, and then the little "moths to be" in a quite undesirable form. I hadn't connect the two. Eating the Nishiki haiga for the first time, I found it to be quite off, totally unlike the Tamaki. I thought maybe i didn't cook it properly. Tried a couple more times, no good. It had no basic sweetness of the rice, and tasted worse than the instant rice....Then one day I was rinsing the rice and felt a little something fuzzy. (I'll attach a picture.)

ugh. Does this mean that this rice had been bug food before i even cooked it?! If so...what should i do with the rest of the rice? I seriously doubt I'll be able to get a refund, but how shall i dispose of it?

Anyone else have had Nishiki Haiga rice? How does it taste usually? I don't know how else to find out if this taste is normal for Nishiki, or if it's indeed bug food.

*As i'm attaching the picture I'm surprised to see how clearly it shows the creature. With bare eyes there's actually a fuzzy white coating around it. I also see that some of the rice are solid white while most other are semi translucent....are the solid ones bad?

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