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Ribeye Steak Sandwich @ Louie's Market in Stockton

Melanie Wong | Jul 23, 201712:38 PM     9

On my way home from Sonora, I stopped for lunch in Stockton at Louie's Market.

Though the facade of this Chinese-American owned storefront identifies only as a meat market, it also has seating and a deli menu.

Famous for its ribeye steak sandwich, I admired the raw product in the case.

The butcher shop operation is still in full force, but at this time of day, the place was swarmed with deli customers. Stockton police and firefighters were grabbing sandwiches here too.

The ribeye steak sandwich sports an eight-ounce boneless steak, grilled to order, for only $9.99.

Ordered with everything, the sandwich was dressed with mustard and mayonnaise, and garnished with red onion, green leaf lettuce and tomato on a French roll from Genova Bakery in Stockton. Beautiful grill marks, cooked "rare" as ordered, quite tender, and most importantly, delicious. I took a seat to enjoy half on site for lunch, then had the rest at home later that night for dinner.

Louie's Market was founded in 1945. It opened the deli to serve lunch about four years ago and gradually that side of the business has supplanted the groceries that used to be sold here. This vintage cash register is no longer in use. Credit cards are accepted now.

I had a chance to chat with one of the down-to-earth cousins who operate this place. The deli business has revived the market. Give it a try! I'd love to hear what else is good here.

Louie's Market
743 E. Main St
Stockton, CA
(209) 464-7693
Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm



Louie's Market

Louie's Market, Stockton, CA. 626 likes. Located in downtown Stockton for over 60 years and continuing a family tradition of serving Stockton

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