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Reviews after 3-day trip (long)


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Reviews after 3-day trip (long)

Jamie | Aug 29, 2005 03:09 PM

I planned where my sister and I were going to eat during this trip based on reccs from chowhounders - thanks so much as it was a fabulous trip of eating and shopping!

dbBistro Moderne (dinner) - service was excellent from the moment my sister and I walked in and was consistently great throughout the evening, much attention given to our table (prob b/c we were 2 girls, they were about 6 men, and we got there at about 10 when it wasn't too full). One of the amuse bouche plates we had was a pate plate and was very good – the other (a thin-crusted pizza-like dish but w/ some white sauce w/ onions and bacon) was nothing spectacular). I ordered the db burger, which was pretty good, nothing too spectacular with it, I did notice though that it wasn’t as warm as I would have liked, the fries were really good. My sister ordered the bacon-wrapped salmon and she said the salmon and most everything else on the plate (esp the gnocci) were too salty, but the mushrooms were really good. Our dessert was made w/ figs, but I can’t remember what it was called – she liked it, I didn’t b/c I don’t like figs. Great service, ok food, nice interior.

Beyoglu (lunch) – everything about this place was excellent. We were seated at about 11:30, and were the first persons there, I’m guessing b/c it was a Thurs. We ordered the veggie platter and an individual meze plate of the shrimp. Everything on the veggie platter was soooo good – I usually don’t like yogurt, but the yogurt w/ cucumber on this platter didn’t taste bitter or “yogurty” at all, it was overall very refreshing tasting. The hummus was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The shrimp was very good also and I esp liked the spicy sauce that it came with. Oh and that bread – so warm and chewy, so good.

Montparnasse (dinner) – went here for a pre-theatre dinner. I ordered the duck pate (very good), steak au frites (the marinade was a little “weird” but the meat was very tender), and sorbet (great flavors – raspberry, passion fruit, and mango). My sister ordered the chilled asparagus (?) and potato soup (so bland, we each had 2 spoonfuls and left it alone), the coq au vin (the same marinade from my steak showed up here, but the chicken was ok and the mashed potatoes were good), and the crème brulee. W/ the pre-theater price and the quality of the food, this was an excellent choice.

Prune (was supposed to be breakfast) – was so disappointed to learn they hadn’t yet opened when we arrived at 10, doors were open, walked in and heard noise, but saw no one and no one responded to my calls, walked over to the Village and found…

University Restaurant (on University and 12th St for breakfast) – a little diner, I noticed there were many customers on a first-name basis w/ the staff. Food was what I expected, nothing too great but nothing so bad, hit the spot.

Jacques Torres – for frozen hot chocolates. I ordered the classic and my sister ordered the wicked (spicy). The first few sips were really good. Then about ¼ the way down, it got way too chocolately for both of us, and we had to trash the rest. Wanted to get some chocolates to bring back for people, but way too pricey.

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar (lunch) – so hard to find but found it eventually after walking around looking for the stones! Very busy during lunch but got two good seats at the bar inside (we were too hot and bothered to wait for an outside table) – the bartender (?) was really nice, ordered the Old Fashioned Pizza – great bread, had light sauce the way I like it, light mozzarella – very good. Great atmosphere, great service, good pizza.

Eastern Noodles (dinner) – this was also hard to find by foot but eventually got there. We ordered the beef hand-pulled noodles – the broth was so rich and yummy, the noodles great, the Chinese pickles and the Chinese broccoli/spinach (?) were so great in that broth. The workers there were also very helpful as my sister got a nose-bleed – was kind of chaotic at first b/c they were trying so hard to help and we couldn’t understand them since they didn’t speak much English and we didn’t speak any Chinese. Excellent little hole-in-the-wall.

Comfort Diner (breakfast) – the hazelnut banana French toast was such a great recommendation!!! So thick and stuffed w/ bananas on the inside – it tasted fantastic. We also had the red beef hash w/ poached eggs, which was also very good – the beets, onions, carrots, and potatos combined so well w/ everyting on the plate. Ordered a strawberry shake to go on a chowhound recc – was good, but nothing special.

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