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How do you make your Reuben sandwich? Saint Patrick's Day is near!


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How do you make your Reuben sandwich? Saint Patrick's Day is near!

smaki | Mar 5, 2011 09:58 AM

Reuben sandwiches are a favorite. Any time of day or year. How do you make your Reuben? Here is how we do it:

Bread: Light rye or some other kind of deli Rye is what I like while go with what you like. And anything will do in a pinch if the other ingredients are quality.

Bacon bits: render off the fat from fresh bacon to save later for cooking. We only want the brown chunks cut small. Sometimes use bulk bacon ends for under $1 per pound while quality thick peppered bacon is a favorite.

Sauerkraut: I make my own sometimes being half German while often eat Steinfeld's here in Oregon in a pinch. Put a big scoop in your hand covered in a coffee filter over the sink and sqeeze all the juice out so the kraut gets almost fresh and crunchy. When I make lots of these I buy the 3 Quart can of Kraut (keep the cans with lids as I use them for all kinds of things later like cleaning small engine carburators).

Meat: Good corned beef you make yourself is best. Or from a deli, or pastrami, or turkey, or ham, or some kind of mix. I like to cut mine thin and then into about 1/8" strips.

Cheese: Here is where a great Swiss is worth the money.

1000 Island dressing: Mayo, catchup, Worcestershire, salt, pepper, chopped fresh home made pickles.

Assembly: Toast bread as brings out the flavor of the rye. When have the time in a cast iron pan use a good olive oil with fresh garlic and be careful you never get it to the smoke pint until both sides of the bread are toasted. If do not have the time a toaster works fine as seals the bread so the dressing doesn't soak in and find holds it together better in the end if toast bread. Then Put 1000 Island on two pieces of bread. Sprinkle with bacon. Put Kraut on both sides .. yes BOTH sides. then put meat on both sides. Then put layer of cheese on the side you are about to flip. Take your time here and make the flip to put it together. Cut in quarters as easier to eat that way.

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