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Returning to Manhattan for several days, where would you recommend for brunch, lobster, dumplings, borscht, blintzes, Russian food, Turkish food, Scandinavian food and more?

prima | Oct 23, 201708:55 AM     91

I tend to lean towards innovative and less common 'ethnic' foods over French food/bagels/burgers/pizza/steak.

Love Russian, Georgian, Turkish, Afghan, Scandinavian, Serbian, Mexican, Malaysian, Thai and Chinese foods.

I don't like kimchi but I love mandoo, japchae, galbi, bi bim bap.

I love dumplings.

I like trying new things.

I would prefer cheap to midrange restaurants (up to $60 per person for a meal, not including alcohol, tax or tip)

I also plan to have 2 splurge American meals. I'm thinking the Gramercy Tavern for one, since I have never been. If not the Gramercy Tavern, where would you go?

For American-style lobster (either a boiled/steamed lobster dinner or a lobster roll), where would you go?

I also want to try the brunch at Clinton St Baking Co. Which dishes do you like best?

I'll have around 5 lunches and 5 dinners in Manhattan, and I'm also willing to detour for snacks, innovative cocktails and good coffee.

Most of my time will be spent between Canal St and 42nd St, with a possible snack near some of the museums on the UES. Maybe I'll stop to revisit Cafe Sabarsky, if it isn't busy.

I might make time to revisit Veselka, an old haunt, late at night.

Where should I go for blintzes?

Based on years of my own wishlists and hours of scrolling through Instagram, these are some places I'm thinking about:

Mimi Cheng's
at least one Nom Wah
Balaboosta for the Tunisian tuna sandwich
Mari Vanna (any newish Russian restos I should consider?)
maybe Kyo Ya / autre Kyo Ya
Gramercy Tavern
Clinton St Baking Co
Kubeh http://www.eatkubeh.com
Xian Famous Foods
maybe Ayios for gyros or fried calamari or mezes http://ayiosgr.com

Thanks for any comments and suggestions.

Kyo Ya
Mari Vanna
Gramercy Tavern
Clinton St. Baking Company
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