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Resurrection: old zombie threads come back to life

Senor Popusa | Nov 23, 200911:17 AM

I have noticed that old threads from several years ago get brought back to life with increasing frequency on the LA board. I'd guess that the bringer of life did a search and the thread came up and they added a reply, not noticing that the thread was ancient. Then the thread appears to be active as it will show up as having new posts. Often times people reply to the OP and then someone will poitn out that the OP's post was from months or years ago.

Much of the original threads often have stale or outdated information, but this isn't apparent if you don't look closely at the dates.

Has chowhound thought about prohibiting adding replies to a thread (locking it) once it has been stale for a period of time? like 6 months or 1 year? people can always link but the current situation creates quite a mishmash and raises the amount of "noise" in the "signal to noise" ratio Jim used to refer to.

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