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Very restricted diet - help me embrace the challenge!


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Very restricted diet - help me embrace the challenge!

theotherone | Mar 17, 2011 05:33 PM

I am successfully nailing down some food sensitivities by cutting out almost (but not quite) everything. I am having a lot of fun trying to cook dinners for my family without them really noticing the change. It's been a month and I'm running out of ideas - but feel so much better for the first time in years that I am inclined to keep going for a few more months at least.

The list of no's is long, but there is lots of good stuff in the list of yes's.

Yes: Most veggies, many fruits, essentially all meat, brown rice, coconut in all its lovely forms, olive oil, avocado, sweet potato, squashes. (I put all spices into the yes column and that seems ok so far)

No: Diary, eggs, all grains except rice, high sugar fruits, nightshades (tomato, eggplant, peppers, potatoes), nuts, beans - including soy, oils other than olive and coconut, all seeds, alcohol, sugar and all sweeteners.

Of course there is an endless variety of meat with veggie plates, but I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen. Hits so far have included: lots of curries, fish tacos (I just skip the taco), sausage and greens, stuffed acorn squash, spinach stuffed chicken, sweet potato soup.

Some of you must have favorite recipes that fit this. Low-carb recipes perhaps (without any dairy or nuts and including sweet potato or rice or squash). Paleo recipes (without nuts or nightshades). Any great ideas out there?


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