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Restaurants: not hearing about the specials until you've already decided on your order


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Restaurants: not hearing about the specials until you've already decided on your order

waxyjax | Nov 5, 2013 11:53 AM

I feel like the this has been happening more and more over the years...

I get seated at a restaurant, I get handed the menu, I get asked if I want tap or bottled/sparkling water, I wait and review the menu, I receive the water of my choice, I get asked if I want a drink, I wait for that drink, I continue reading over the menu, I receive my drink, I keep on reading the menu and at this point have decided what I want....

Then the server comes over with pad and pen in hand (at some places, no pad, but that look in their eye that signals they're ready to take and memorize your order), SURPRISE - WE HAVE SPECIALS!, quickly runs through them and then holds up their pad and pen and asks "So, are you ready to order?".

WHAT?!?! You make me hang out for 10-15 minutes with the menu and then just before you're about to take my order you tell me you have all these other dishes that me and my dining partners may want to try instead of what we had previously decided on!?!?

Then, if we do want to re-convene we have to ask for "another minute" - and often the server half forgets that we still need to order, resulting in one of us having to stop our conversation so we can attempt to get the server's attention.

Really, I don't get why some of these places don't tell you the specials once they seat you and hand you the menu.

I've also observed that it's more common in some cities than in others. For example, it seems to be the rule, and not the exception in 99% of the places I've been going to in NYC....but when I go to the SF Bay Area I'm usually informed of the specials earlier in the process (and what a relief that is).

Have you guys experienced this...and does it bother you, too?

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