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Why do Restaurants Use Frozen French Fries?


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Why do Restaurants Use Frozen French Fries?

lemarais | Mar 29, 2013 10:04 AM

With lots of buzz about fries these days, I continue to find many joints (places that could be on the Triple-D show types) that use Frozen french fries. Yikes. With some slight variations, there just aren't any frozen french fries that cut it.

Why do these places have great, fresh food, and then accompany it with frozen french fries???

FN hosts continually say that fresh cut fries cost about HALF (to the restaurant) of what frozen cost them. Not to mention the geometric improvement in taste and quality.

Sure, it's a bit more labor intensive, but if they spend so much time custom cooking from scratch everything else, why not use fresh cut fries as well? Do you put old bald tires on a new shiny car?

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