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What would you do if a restaurant wouldnt cook your Burger to Order?


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What would you do if a restaurant wouldnt cook your Burger to Order?

swsidejim | Sep 24, 2008 08:56 AM

I was at a restaurant on Saturday with my wife, and daughter, and really was in the mood for a juicy hamburger cooked rare. We ordered some drinks, and some potato skins, and looked further on the menu. I was about to decide on a hamburger, but then saw in bold print " we will only cook hamburgers medium, medium well, or well done NO EXCEPTIONS". Well that blew my plan for a juicy burger since none of the ways they were willing to cook the hamburger would yield a tasty, much less flavorfull burger. I joked with the waiter asking if they were serious about the no exceptions policy, and he said yes. Well, we finished our drinks, and potato skins, and requested the check from the perplexed waiter, payed our tab(tipped 20% its not the servers fault he works for a bonehead establishment), and left. Actually ended up at a Mexican place for some carne asda, and chile relleno.

Is a restaurant refusing to cook a burger how I want it as unacceptable to others as it is to me? Would you go somewhere else? Or would you eat the overcooked meat?

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