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Last Restaurant Standing- Final couples **SPOILERS**


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Last Restaurant Standing- Final couples **SPOILERS**

elliora | Apr 21, 2009 10:42 PM

I have never started a thread for this show and have unfortunately not had the time to comment yet this season, but this is one of my most favorite shows. I just finished watching tonight's episode where the two final couples were chosen andI am scratching my head. What in the world does he see in Alli and James? I honestly feel at this point Raymond wants someone he can mold and influence, which might be harder with someone older and set in their ways, but still they come off as such idiots! idiots making good food, but still idiots!

I also wonder how the couple with the young child had such high food costs? I wonder if maintaining costs for a chain is just much easier since everything is bought in bulk. It seems like all their mistakes would have been easily fixed, but apparently Raymond did not agree.

On a side note I love how child friendly this show is. Last season a couple had their baby living with them and this season the parent couple were allowed weekly visits with their son in addition to at least one trip home.

Finally how could anyone think scallops would be a nice surprise? Seriously lawsuit anyone?

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