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Restaurant date dilemma


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Restaurant date dilemma

eeee | May 10, 2007 07:13 AM

I was asked on a dinner date by an acquaintance and we plan to go out next week. He claimed to be a foodie and said he knew a “great little place.” Because I am a chowlady, I naturally asked what the name of the restaurant was. Anyway, I’ve heard some not-good things about this restaurant, and some online research and my own chowhound intuition confirmed that it was basically a bad to mediocre joint way, way past its prime.

My dilemma: I have a really hard time eating crappy food and pretending to like it. I went on another date (with another guy) who took me to a miserable sushi hack shop. The sushi was of such low quality that I was unable to eat it (it smelled fishy and the one piece I had was gross), which he of course noticed and asked me if I liked the food. I was honest and told him that it wasn’t the greatest sushi I’d ever had and that I knew other places in the area that were significantly better. No second date (not that I cared in that instance.)

So. Should I just go and order something as basic as possible and do my best to like it (assuming the restaurant is as bad as it seems to be?) Would it be tacky to suggest a different restaurant? (Just to be clear, I would just make sure my new suggestion was around the same moderate price point. I don't want to come off as angling for an expensive meal, just a good one!) I could always feign some kind of allergy… which is 100 percent untrue, as I have no food allergies and don’t want to be trapped in some kind of food fib.

Yeah, I know I seem to be focusing on the food and not the date. I just don’t want to come off as rude if/when my food arrives and I can’t conceal my “yuck” reaction, especially since this guy seems to like the restaurant.

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