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Responding to a MISPOSTED item

bagelman01 | Oct 19, 201107:47 AM

This morning I responded to a post on the SOUTHERN New England Board asking for Thanksgiving Day help in the Portland area,
My immediate response was to report this as off topic and let a moderator move it.

BUT, I chose to REPLY to the OP, saying I suggest you ask this on the NORTHERN New England Board.

Why did I do so?
#1 there is a Portland in Connecticut as well as Maine and the OP never said OP wanted a restaurant in Maine (But OP's comment about staying in Ogonquit was a hint).

#2 The OP might come back looking for replies and see the post had disappeared, If OP is geographically deficient, OP won't think to check another board to see if post has been moved.

Sure enough, the post was moved and moderator sent me an email saying 'instead of replying, report this'

It would have been sufficient for the moderator to email saying the post was moved, or just move it.

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