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No Reservations? Do you still go? Do you avoid?


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No Reservations? Do you still go? Do you avoid?

Dining Diva | Apr 7, 2006 04:48 PM

How do you Hounds feel about restaurants that don't take reservations? Specifically the ones that don't do it for a reason... I don't mean not getting one at a place that does.

If they only have a list and take only walk-ins, does it bother you to wait? Where do you wait? Lines out the door? Will you not go to a place unless you're assured a table? Have any bad/humorous tales to tell?

I personally don't mind it. I just figure out when to go so the lines aren't too long, like a weeknight vs. a weekend night. If there's a bar, even better. I recently experienced Father's Office in Santa Monica for the first time. My friend said it was a "slow" night (yet still filled wall to wall), and we found a seat pretty quickly, just in time for our burgers.

But in LA, are there any high-end restaurants that don't take reservations? I can't think of one. I know a slew of neighborhoody spots don't do take ressies, and they seem fine (no loss of business). But what about a more refined restaurant... as far as I know, every high-end restaurant takes reservations. But can you imagine if something like A.O.C. didn't take ressies? That would be one long wait.

Thanks for the input!!

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