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Reno chow down at Peony: Great success with Chinese food


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Reno chow down at Peony: Great success with Chinese food

SteveTimko | Jun 17, 2007 10:38 PM

Four Chowhounds and one sometime Chowhound lurker got together at Peony in Reno for a chow down on Father's Day. We sampled a variety of dishes from Peking duck to salted spicy shrimp and came away with the conclusion Peony is a good restaurant. Maybe Reno's best Chinese restaurant. We also drank almost four bottles of wine.
Hey, it's tough job, but for you in the public, we'll do it.
Peony is on Mae Anne Drive a block or two west of Robb Drive. Not only was it Father's Day, but Andy was celebrating a tennis tournament victory over punks nearly half his age.
It serves a vareity of Chinese styles. I'd say most of the dishes we got in the Chow Down were Cantonese.
We ordered half of a Peking duck and half of a roast duck; salted, spicy shrimp in the shell and with the heads; pepper lamb on a sizzling plate; braised tofu with mushrooms and greens; dried green beans in XO sauce; seafood soup with sizzling rice; and tropical spring rolls.
I've had the lamb dish before. I described it here:
It was good for the Chow Down, but not quite as good. The difference was when I had it before it was crispy on the outside -- Janet thinks from being served on the cast iron platter -- while this time it was just tender. It had a little bit of a kick, although the peppers seemed a little more prominent last time, too.
Both versions of the duck are worth recommending, too. I think I liked the Peking duck a little better.
the dried green beans in the XO sauce definitely rocked. I'd recommend them again.
Probably the biggest disappointment of the meal for me was the braised tofu with mushrooms and greens (I believe bok choi). The brown sauce didn't have much flavor to it. Yimster of the San Francisco Chowhound board gave me a tip on mushrooms. There's mushroms that are thin and symmetrical, but they don't taste as good as the ones that are fatter in the middle. We definitely got the pretty mushrooms with this meal.
Corkage is $10 a bottle. With corkage and a tip, it came to $35 a person. Quite reasonable.
I'm getting tired, so I'll let Janet and Andy add their thoughts.

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