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Renaissance Bistro - Review

Isaac B | Sep 7, 200412:09 PM

Just to update everyone, RB is officially opened. Well at least the ground level is open for buisness. The upstairs seating section and it's OWN KITCHEN AND MENU are still not ready, for at least 2 weeks (take that with a grain of salt though).

I went with my family this past Sunday, for the grand-opening, where the food choice was novel, half-priced, and absolutely finger-licking delicious.

Of course, like every other establishment, they feature the sushi bar, but with the convenience of the Circa-NY (in the Financial District) where pre-made rolls are there for the plucking. Of course, specialty rolls can be ordered.

The downstairs seating style is reminiscent of the Circa-NY style, as was the "serve-yourself" attitude, even as far as the DIY salad bar. I wouldn't exactly come here for dinner, but I can easily picture myself picking up a sandwich or two on-the-go.

The upstair section, which I sneaked up to see, was nice, clean and modernish. I was expecting to see a french-bistro, cigar-smoke-wafting-thru-the-stodgy-air style, but anyway, a proper visit is due, when tables are set, and aproned maitre d's are scuttling 'round with fine German beers and dried beef jerky.

Now to get down to brass tacks: The Goulash soup was delicious. The sushi was like every else, nothing special. The Grilled Chicken was good, the chicken nuggets were terrible. The regular pastrami on rye can go back to the deli, but the Pastrami Pannini I ordered was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Grilled veggies with a nice sheath of pastrami all inside a crispy pannini bread, whowoulda'thunk'it? The french fries are a no-no, but the mousaka is a go-go (an unearthly eggplant and meat lasanga taste-alike). The hummous was missing garlic and survived "dinner" untouched.

To sum it all up, the downstair section probably won't see me again for "dinner", except for take-out. The upstairs will be visited by my family as soon as it's ready.

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