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Remember me? The sun-dried tomato ...


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Remember me? The sun-dried tomato ...

ipsedixit | Feb 1, 2007 09:20 PM

If there ever was a food-fad on menus that burned ever so bright but flamed out so extravagently it was probably the sun-dried tomato.

At it's peak (circa 1980s/early 90s), you could find it in everything from the pedantic (pizza, pasta, sandwiches) to the exotic (remember crab cakes with sun-dried tomato paste or foie gras wrapped in sun dried tomatoes?) and to just the awful (sun-dried tomato ice cream!).

There are other fads that have come and gone, things like truffle oil, goat cheese, ponzu sauce, etc.

Some have had amazing staying power -- the most immediate that comes to mind is the omnipresent tuna tartar.

What do you guys think are food items that are well into their 15 minutes of fame?

I think pomegrenate is at about 13:45.

Kobe beef is at the 10 minute mark by my estimate.

But I do think that gelato has staying power.

And you?

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