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Are we really related?!


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Are we really related?!

fickle | May 29, 2009 09:58 AM

Do you ever look over at your sibling during a meal and wonder if you're really related?! I'm amazed at how different my brother is to me. We grew up exposed to the same foods but our approaches are so different. Over dinner last night, I noticed just how opposite he is to me. He hates spicy foods (which I love), he hates coconut flavoured anything (again opposite for me), he's more meat and potatoes (I'm everything but), he's quantity vs quality (I'm the opposite), he prefers traditional and classical preparations (I'm more interested in new twists to things) and he's hesitant to try anything new and unfamiliar (whereas I'm game for anything). Our parents fall midway between us. It's almost like I went to one extreme and he went the other way. Is it the same in your family?

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