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Reheated Korean Pa-jun: A Trend?


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Reheated Korean Pa-jun: A Trend?

Jim Leff | Feb 28, 2001 02:21 AM

Hey, far-flung chowhounds....

My last two korean pa-juns (the seafood pancakes that are one of my favorite dishes in the cuisine), all ordered in good restaurants, were reheated. One seemed to be nuked (yes, beyond disgusting), and one was fried a second time (glossy with grease, tough, overcooked seafood, simple crunchy texture with no sponginess....yuck).

I'm pretty bummed about this, and surprised, too. Koreans take their pa-jun seriously, and in all my experience with the dish, I've never seen it handled this way in any but the cheapest, lowest-class joints.

Have I just been unlucky, or is this a trend others have spotted?


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