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I'm a regular at this place for over ten years, should I be offended?

haggisdragon | Dec 7, 200910:01 AM

Another thread got me thinking about this. I'm a hardcore pool player. I've been frequenting this high end (nice food, micro brews) pool hall for 10+ years. I started going when I was a poor student. At that time I was going maybe 3 times a week, and spending about 80% of my very disposable income there. I know the owners there pretty well, have been to parties at their home. I have always tipped very well. I've introduced friends and family to the place. In all I've been a great customer, if not a friend to these people.

However, the last time I went there with friends, my buddy ordered a beer that he'd never tried before. It turns out that he didn't like. He returned it and asked for something else. At the end of the night we were settling the check and I see that we have been charged for the beer. I asked our server if she could take it off the bill. She goes to consult with the bartender (who has been working there almost as long as I've been going there). She returns and apologizes that she can't take it off the bill. So I asked the bartender about it and he told me that he would not refund us because there was nothing wrong with the product. Wow, I thought, is this how you show appreciation to a long time customer? I was so pissed off and actually a little hurt to be treated this way. It has soured my relationship with the place and I may never return.

So what do you think? Did I overeact? Or does a long time customer deserve special consideration?

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