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First regret, then love

BigG | Oct 13, 201810:48 AM

I've noticed throughout my cooking life, I've gotten things that I didn't use for years. Then, one day, I used them and used them ever since.

Por ejemplo, my parents noticed I liked cooking when I was in my teens, so, for my 13th birthday, they got me that 1980's wok set, with the CS wok, CS chinese cleaver, rack and stirring utensils, and, of course, the ubiquitous wok ring for western stovetops. I was pumped. Made one stir fry, washed it, it rusted, I put it all in the garage attic and fuhgot abot it. Years later, I move to college and wanted to bring something I could use for cooking anything: soup, eggs, whatever. Pre internet days, I read up on CS, and why my wok had rusted after the first washing, and realized that it was easy to maintain and use. Just had to keep CS items dry. I suppose reading the owner's manual was just too much for my advanced state of culinary acuity. Dumbass. Used the wok and cleaver forever. Still have the cleaver, but got a better wok. Got every penny's worth out of that action, though.

Got a George Foreman for Christmas in the 90's. Oh frickin' boy. Heard you could cook a frozen porkchop to edible in only minutes. Yeah, it worked; but after the big trick, it sat under my counter for a solid decade. I'm in education, so I have a summer job working in a jail. Brought in the (SUPER!) George and it is used and maintained by all jailers with mucho gusto. I taught them to coat any chop, or flat meat, with chili paste/gochujang/sambal and wait until that sucker is muy hot and throw it on. BANG, not too shabby (I use CI for this action at home).

Had a 10 inch CI from the 1880s that has been passed down from great grands to me. Thought it was more show than cookery (1987 was when I got it) and was told by the incorrect medical establishment that because of the oil/fat one needed to use, it was an unhealthy way to cook. My grandma was religious about good lard and saving bacon fat. Told me that once you sear something in that, with high heat, I'd never grill a steak again. Well, what would grandma know? Just been cooking non-stop for 60 years. I think it was 1989, I finally thought I'd better give it a rip. Happily ever after. Cornbread, any meat, mexican cheese sauce for dipping; it's an all-around "can't live without" now. I know I'm basically making fun of my own ignorance; but I bet many of my fellow Hounders have had similar regret to love stories. Love to hear 'em.

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