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Regional Foods not reproducible

actorkent | Mar 2, 2007 07:23 AM

The best bagels are in New York.
The best Pizza (and hotdogs) are in chicago.

The best mexican food is in San Luis Obispo.

HELP... WHy is it that the local mexican 'hole in the wall' greasy spoons in San Luis, Pismo and Grover Beach have THE best Mexican food*. It is insane. Can anyone verify this? I lived in Grover Beach for two years in the early 90's and have never found food nearly as good. I live in Chicago and have access to plenty of great mexican food but not SAN LUIS mexican food. Maybe only the chopped pork (Al Pastor) is the same. Asada is totally different and i rarely find chicken done as tasty.

I remember ordering my first tostada only to get what I would have called a taco salad. MAN was i wrong. At the bottom of that crusty bowl was the tasties marinated beef imaginable. It was not to be believed. I didnt understand why anyone was going to the Taco bell a block away after tasting this stuff. Many of these places would have several types of beef and chicken all stewing in wonderful sauces. Here in chicago the Asada is mainly just steak fried with a little onion, rarely with spice and never marinating all day in juice.

Are the Mexican chefs in the central California region all from a specific state in Mexico that no one in Chicago knows about?

I dream about that food.. ah well.

*Tacos De Mexico is the only name I can remember. There were several in downtown San Luis as well.

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