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refusing wine at a resturant at the tasting...


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refusing wine at a resturant at the tasting...

annab | Nov 27, 2004 02:22 PM

You know that moment when the sommelier or waiter offers you the little sip to ask if you approve of the wine? And you know how most people just sip and nod?

Well last night was out at a super fancy restaurant for my anniversary, and I spotted a wine on the menu I liked the look of, a Beaujolais, but I thought since I so rarely get to eat in a restaurant of this caliber, maybe I should get an opinion from the sommelier. I told him what we were eating (both fois gras starter, steak and sea bream respectively for mains), and our price range (under £30) and he recommended a Burgundy called Mercurey. When he uncorked and poured me that initial sip I HATED it- it was acidic and sharp, and I really thought it didn't go with what we were eating at all. I told him so, explaining politely and pleasantly that I thought it was too acidic, and could he reccomend something else. My partner was horrified, but the funny thing was, he came back with the menu, told me to try a Beaujolais (I think because he thought my taste wasn't sophisticated enough), and I ended up with the Fleurie I spied at the beginning, which was superb. At the end of the night the maitre de apologized for the Mercurey, but I told him no worries, the Fleurie, and indeed the entire meal were excellent.

Long story, I know, and maybe pointless, but I guess I just want to say, if you don't like that initial sip, don't nod and say yes! Normally I wouldn't have the chutzpah, but I'm glad I did!

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