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Need help refining this halibut “recipe” from Alaska


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Need help refining this halibut “recipe” from Alaska

Jibe | Oct 25, 2010 11:00 AM

A friend of mine just returned from a fishing trip to Seward, Alaska, and brought Halibut back. The woman who ran the hotel where he stayed gave him a halibut recipe. Not really a formal recipe, but more of a barebones set of directions. He prepared about 6 fillets in casserole dish. The preparation consisted of putting the fillets on a bed of apples & onions, and covering it with a layer of parm & mayo mixed together. The flavors were really good, but different from any fish dish I’ve ever had. The apple flavor really paired well with the fish. This is a recipe I’d like to make myself, but try to tweak it & improve it. It's one of those that is good, but has the potential to be reallllly good if tweaked. Right off hand, I think I’d get a better carmelization of the onions & apples. One problem also, was that there was a lot of liquid in the dish when served. I’d think that a longer cooking time before hand on the apple/onion would not only carmelize, but also sweat off some of the water.

There was a lot of mayo in the topping. Should I stay with mayo, or use something else? Or just use only enough to bind with the parm. How about adding panko to the topping? Everyone was surprised that the topping had mayo, but agreed that the topping tasted good. Any recs. on the cooking time/temp?

Any other recommendations? Has anyone else come across a recipe like this?
Here’s the recipe as given to me:

“The topping on that dish was 1/2 fresh parmesan cheese and ½ mayonnaise…..go figure.
The bottom was thinly sliced apple and thinly sliced onion sautéed in butter.
I think it would have worked better to cook the fish a little first since the topping seemed to really slow down the cooking.
The woman that told me about the recipe told me to cook it all at 475 for 10 to 12 minutes. I had that in the over for more like 45 minutes…??? She did not mention when to add the topping.”

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