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"Red sauce" Italian

ttoommyy | Nov 20, 201108:38 AM

Why all the hate on CH for the Italian-American cuisine? I know it is not the food they eat in Italy, but as a grandson of grandparents who came to Hoboken, NJ, at the turn of the century, the Italian-American cuisine has been a part of my family's (and America's) diet for quite some time. When cooked properly by those who know what they are doing, the food can be truly excellent. After all, many of the dishes in the Italian-American cuisine can be traced back to some dish in Italy and they are a tribute to what our grandparents ate in "the old country."

I'm not saying there is no love on CH for this food, but many, many people turn their noses up at the thought or suggestion of it. I know what regional Italian food is, having been to Italy many times and I absolutely adore it. But, I love my Italian-American gravy, macaroni, meatballs, brasciole, baked ziti, etc., too.

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