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Red Label Chinese Chili Sauce


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Red Label Chinese Chili Sauce

galleygirl | Mar 12, 2003 06:27 PM

A month or so ago, a few people discussed the "Red label" line of chili sauces that seem to be cropping up at a lot of the good Asian groceries in many parts of the country...I had tried a wondeful one, ground chilis and Sichuan peppercorns, full of that ma la tingle, but it had chunks of preserved beef to pick out (for me)...Other poster mentioned plain ones, and other variations....They're untranslated, for the most part, on the jars, which is how I ended up with the meat one...I call them "Auntie Mao's", (please, I mean no disrespect to anyone, but the auntie on the front looks *so* unhappy...) tho that isn't the name...

I tried a very good one that included black beans and chilis, and one that was recommended here, that had peanuts, black beans, and ground chilis...I spoon it over turnip cake and eggs like a fiend...But I hit the jack pot today...

It's a smaller, 7 oz. jar, Hot Pepper Sauce,lists only peppers,vegetable oil, salt, sugar, gourmet powder...It is the hottest, (yet most flavorful), thing I have ever eaten...It tastes like the gourmet powder could involve Sichuan peppercorns, but the predominant flavor seems to dried chili peppers, roasted in a pinch of sugar and salt to a crunch, then ground and mixed with oil...Unbelievable!!

Addendum for Boston hounds:
They have those "Auntie Mao" sauces at Thai Binh, they have this one I didn't find at Super 88, and it is the best!!! They're stacked in the front center, in that area where the cardboard boxes are.

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