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Red hook park

R Bergen | Oct 1, 2000 03:33 PM

Walked over to the Red Hook park this weekend. Hadn't been there for a while, and on weekends the food pickins are still awfully good.

The best stands are at the farthest end of the park -- farthest from the end where the restrooms are.

While everyone is playing soccer or baseball there is a line of stands set up by the side walk.

I wish my spanish vocabulary was more up to snuff, so can only describe a few of the better choices.

One of the first stands serves soft tacos and quesidillas. They have the same toppings, but the quesidillas have a handful of black beans worked into the dough before they are pressed into shape and fried. And they are wonderful, Thicker than anything you would get in a restaurant, with a nice crunch along the edges as you eat them. They are topepd with chunks of beef or chicken and the ususal toppings.

One or two stands further along they serve something about tacco size, about 6 " round. They form a pocket in the dough and fill it with ground meet and cheese, and then fold the dough over it. flatten it and fry. Served with pink pickled cabbage -- which i tend to like more than what comes with it. A litle bit further up a lady has very crisp rolled large-cigar shaped fried tortillas filled with ground beef. these are topped with raw onion, some tomato-y sauce and sprinkled with cheese. I could walk back now for another. there is also grilled corn, and grilled corn covered with cheese.We also tried some fried pork, cut up in large chunks, crispy and lots of fat -- and that I regret is probably what makes it taste so good. They also had big pieces of fried yucca which is fairly dry. Then I had a fried plantain, but the plantain had been chopped up, dipped in batter and fried. Served sprinkled with sugar. Then when I cut into it, it looked like it had been wrapped around a solid white fish -- had that bright white color and look, but it wasn't, it was a sweet jello-y filling. Very good, but I have no idea what it was.

The ceviche truck seems to be gone, but maybe was away this weekend. Then there is lots of cut fruit if you can squeeze any more in.

If you've never been it's worth the trip, the kind of real food that readers of these boards seem to favor. The people cooking that we talked to seemed to be from Ecuador and maybe the Dominican Republic. But there was quite a mix, and they were cooking for people who know what it is supposed to be. Nothing fancy but for a warm fall afternoon it would be hard to beat.

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