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Red beans and rice


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Red beans and rice

Aaron D | Feb 23, 2003 02:31 AM

Does anyone have a particularly good recipe for red beans and rice, ideally one that uses canned beans since I doubt I'll have time to soak the dry ones (unless I can put everything together and just leave it for several hours)?

I turned to Joy of Cooking and there was nothing to be found! I also did a quick search here and nothing turned up, though my computer's running quite slow so I may have missed something. The linked Epicurious recipe will probably be my default.

Alternatively, I have a recipe for Cuban Black Beans and Rice that I'm interested in trying. For the "sofrito" portion it calls for 8 ounces diced lean pork. I could use ham, but what do you think about throwing in a ham hock before simmering the beans for an hour (after soaking--I have dried black beans on hand so I can start the soaking as soon as I get up) and then cutting off the meat? Similar result? Better? Worse?




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