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Two recipes I can't track down

helou | Apr 2, 201206:38 AM

I've tried searching the boards, but I'm not very good at it so no luck.

There have been two recipes I've seen lately, but now I can't track them down - I was going to come back to copy and paste into my special" recipe" gmail folder, but now i dopn't know where I saw them

One was for a a sort of soft meringue - I think it was a suggestion for what to do with leftover egg whites when a recipe calls for just yolks, or maybe that's what I was thinking when i read it. It was whipped egg whites with some sugar added, ground nuts, or whatever else you like - cocoa, grated chocolate, etc. What would be the proportions of the additions to the whites; how long, and on what temperature are they baked. Note: this is *not* for a traditional dry crunchy meringue - these should remain softer and chewier, like a cookie.

Also, I was so happy to see a recipe for cabbage soup that does not have any tomato additions, and again, I was going to come back to it when I had more time so i could keep a copy. Years ago the restaurant that was in the same location before Mike's Bistro - maybe it was 2 or more incarnations ago - served a "white" cabbage soup that was just just delicious and I've been trying to recreate it ever since.

Does anyone recall seeing it? I thought maybe it was in the NY Times, which recently had a feature on the uses of cabbage, but it's not there.

I'd love any help.

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