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recipe for oversized zucchini

watermanbill | Jun 2, 201501:45 PM     20

Went away for a weekend camping and came back to a garden full of oversized zucchini The biggest being just over 2 1/2 pounds. I threw some stuff together and it came out really good. Took about 30 minutes total to prepare and cook.

Went like this:

It's usually best to start with a beer (to drink).

Peeled one 2 1/2 pound zucchini with potato peeler, cut off ends, quartered longwise, cut out and discard the seeds, sliced longwise again (8 strips total) then I cut into 1/2" pieces. Threw pieces into bowl added lots of salt and covered with tap water. set aside.

Easy so far?

Take big fry pan (I used my favorite cast-iron 15" Lodge)

Stove on "high", threw in a tablespoon of bacon grease but I think any oil would work.(I use bacon grease in everything)

I then added 4 Louisiana sausages cut up into 1/2 pieces.

I cut a large onion into long slices and added to the cooking sausage

I cut up a jalapeno or two and added to the onion and meat.

Cooked a few minutes (still on high) til the onion looked clear and sausage looked cooked.

Drained and rinsed most of the salt off the zucchini pieces and tossed them into the pan with sausage and onion.

Sprinkled with lots of black pepper while stirring.

added a few cut-up tomatoes and some fresh basil from the garden on top while continuing to stir.

When everything looked done, put a scoop into a bowl, sprinkled some parmesan.

Hope this recipe was easy for you guys.

I'm a guy that likes to cook.... I throw stuff together and hope it comes out good. No science in my cooking and substitute anything that you like. Most everything I cook goes through the "kid test". This one even got a thumbs up from my daughter!

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