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"Recession Spirits"


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"Recession Spirits"

The Ranger | Apr 29, 2009 08:57 PM

I liked the Recession Vodka thread and started thinking (I know, "Dangerous") what about other spirits?

What's a good gin that won't bankrupt me? (Tanqueray is simply too offensive and Beefeater so close to pure kerosene I can't get closer than arm's length to a glass with the stuff in it.)

What about Irish Whiskeys? Has Jameson's been market-researched into distilled water? How about Murphy's? I haven't had to purchase any in about eight years so my last visit to Beverages and More was quite a shock to the wallet.

My view of rums was quite enlightening, too. Don Jose seems to have disappeared from the market completely while Bacardi has come on like the Budweiser of rums.

Price point, while important, isn't nearly as key in my decisions as taste. {Duh...} ;^) I'll take the hit to the Visa/MC if it means I'll actually enjoy drinking it rather than masking it into oblivion.

Many thanks!

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