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Nearly five years ago, I signed up for Local Catch Monterey Bay, the original name for the community supported fishery now called Real Good Fish. Since that time, it has expanded from the Central Coast to serve much of the Bay Area as well. For most of my original membership period, I tried to report here on what the week's catch was and my method of preparation.

This week I started up my subscription again now that there is an every-other-week option. I'll try to post on the deliveries and encourage other members to share their opinions here too. Even if some are not interested in making a commitment to this or another CSF, the information about the different seafood species available locally might be useful.

This was a good week to return. Delivery was 1 pound 6 ounces of head-on Ridgeback shrimp from the Channel Islands. I have seen these available live in the tanks at Ranch 99 but this was my first time cooking with them. I steamed them quickly, about 2 minutes, and thought I'd make a dipping sauce of some kind. But after tasting the sweetness of the first one, I tucked into them unadorned. The shell of the ridgeback is hard and brittle with sharp edges. The meat comes out quite cleanly even the small bit that is in the tail popped right out. They're tender but not mushy. Not much worth working for in the heads of the smaller ones, but the bigger ones were quite suck-able.

The quantity was a generous dinner for two people enough to fill two good-size bowls as shown. I gathered up the heads and the shells afterwards to boil in the steaming liquid with a little white wine to make shrimp stock for the freezer.





Real Good Fish | The Story

In 2009 a few graduate students passionate about the ocean came together to write a business plan to support our community's fishermen, and provide...

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