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Ready to Buy New Pots: Need Advice

theamusedbouche | Apr 11, 201211:55 AM

So I'm thinking that I need to stop boiling water and cooking sauces in my current non-stick Ikea-ware because everything ends up as cancer-water. I am ready to purchase some good pots - I have a great Le Crueset collection already and I'm not looking for cast iron - I'm looking for pots to boil things in, cook veggies etc. I don't want to buy anything made in China/Asia (the whole point of this replacement is to AVOID the carcinogens) so I would like USA or France made. Price isn't really a factor as I plan on keeping them a while - two caveats: I do not like All Clad as the handles hurt my hands a lot and I am wary of copper because between work, family and general craziness I don't think I'd have the time to keep it up properly. I was looking at Demeyere, Viking, and Mauviel but honesty I need some good Chowhound advice!

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