Please Read...Loshon Hora/Lokshon Kugel



Please Read...Loshon Hora/Lokshon Kugel

amy t, | Dec 30, 2003 03:29 PM

I Wrote This In Response to an Earlier Thread But Think It Deserves Attention...targeted to some but for all to digest.
L'shana Tovah!

"Chazal"(Torah sages) says that when a person occupies himself with “evil talk” or “gossip” known as Loshon Hora , three negative angels are created.

One gets assigned to the communicator
one to the recipient of the gossip
and one to the person or persons of whom the gossip is being spoken. That’s not so good.

I am pretty sure that no self-respecting chowhounder would not want to be responsible for that, especially on this kosher board which is so terrific. I might suggest that if a person is concerned that someone might eat at a kosher place that may be “Decaf” on its’ kosher standards then they should simply write a post that says “You may want to look into that place further”, nothing more.

There are nice ways of making a point, and even nice ways to criticize even on a website like this, so try to live up to the Torah’s standards of decency (I didn't make these rules up)and be careful before spreading “Loshon Hora’ or as my sister says “Lokshon Kugel”!

"rebbitzen wannabe" amy t.

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