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Raw Food

PaulF | Aug 8, 2007 02:49 PM

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience eating raw food.

And I don't mean just raw vegetables. I have a bit of experience with raw vegetarian food. I was vegan for 14 years and occasionally sampled the food at raw food restaurants and had some raw food vegetarians in my vegan circle. (Currenly, in Los Angeles, my family likes the raw vegetarian "cooking" at Leaf on Washington Boulevard. Service is indifferent but the food is good.)

I'm talking about raw meats and raw eggs, too. My son has a friend whose dad only eats raw meat and eggs. Raw milk.

He claims he never gets sick and all his allergies are gone and he's never been healthier.

At risk of offending anyone, I'm repulsed. The thought of living exclusively on raw meat just seems so unappealing. Raw eggs are not appealing.

It also seems sort of dangerous.

But, I also like to be open minded.

Does anyone have any experience with a raw food diet that includes meat and eggs and milk and, if so, what was it like? Were there ways of preparing the food that made it more appealing? Or can you just get used to cutting up a raw steak and eating it?

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