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Help, please! Raw flour taste in white chocolate "brownies"--Why?


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Help, please! Raw flour taste in white chocolate "brownies"--Why?

Pia | Mar 23, 2006 01:12 AM

Inspired by the "Snow Witch" bar a cousin brought from Fat Witch in New York, I recently tried a recipe for white chocolate "brownies"*. I didn't expect to come close with my first try, but I certainly did't expect to be so disappointed. The recipe (8oz white chocolate, 1/2 c butter, scant 1/2c sugar, 2 eggs, 1 c flour) seemed promising enough. And I used expensive Schokinag white chocolate, not that dreadful stuff with no cocoa butter. I baked the batter at 375F until the edges browned and pulled away from the sides.

The disappointing results:

The white chocolate flavor was barely perceptible.

The bars were more cakey than fudge-y.

The most pronounced characteristic was a raw flour taste that I tried to mask with generous lashings of melted bittersweet chocolate on top of the finished product, which definitely helped.

What did I do wrong? Please help me make a better batch next time around!

*The "Snow Witch" bar is delicious: moist, dense, and made with lots of indubitably first-quality white chocolate. I will allow that "white chocolate" might not be "chocolate", but it can be a pretty good confection--especially with raspberries. I am thinking of putting fresh raspberries in (or on top of) white chocolate "brownies", if I ever them them right.

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