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raw cream report and whipped cream technique digression


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raw cream report and whipped cream technique digression

Ruth Lafler | Mar 27, 2006 11:02 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions on what to do with my raw cream.

First, I decided to do a direct comparison with the next closest thing: organic pasteurized (but not ultrapasteurized) whipping cream from Straus. I poured some of each into a glass and compared them: the Straus was thicker (whipping cream vs. "cream"); they smelled quite different, with the raw cream having a slightly more "animal" smell; the taste was just the opposite: the raw cream was sweeter and had more of a pure milk fat flavor, while the Straus had a slightly bitter, almost metallic finish.

I then made an apple compote and served it warm with the cream -- yummy!

Later I got some organic strawberries and decided to served it with whipped raw cream. I whipped it to soft peaks, and the texture was amazing: really smooth and silky. But I wonder if it was the cream, or that I used my immersion blender to whip it, which I've never done before (but will again, because it whipped up really quickly, and was so easy to clean up). Can anyone else comment on experience using an immersion blender to whip cream? I know some models have a whip attachment, but I just used the regular blade.

The cream was getting a little old, so I followed the other suggestions and made creme fraiche with what was left -- I'll report back on how that turned out.

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