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Trying to make Rao's marinara sauce, close but seem to be missing something.


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Trying to make Rao's marinara sauce, close but seem to be missing something.

ryanlm | Apr 6, 2012 12:36 PM

This should be easy as it’s just a handful of ingredients, but, I can't seem to get close to what comes out of the jar. Well, it's kind of close, but it's missing something. I believe the jarred stuff you buy is purely vegetarian, no salt pork is used to make it (optional in the recipe). However, it has what I can only describe as a meaty taste or mouth feel that mine does not. In general it is just richer in flavor. Mine does seem to be sharper, or I guess acidic. I can eat the stuff right out of the jar with a spoon and be happy, where mine falls short of that.

Heck, I have even mail ordered their tomatoes and olive oil just to be sure it wasn't an ingredient thing, and I really didn’t get any different results (as expected).

First, I was wondering if I am cooking at too high of a temp. I have a Wolf range, and I usually let it cook on the low setting, even though there is a simmer. If I put it on simmer, it doesn’t seem to bubble at all, which I in my head sound wrong, but maybe I am simmering away the flavor.

The recipe, and the demos I have seen of it, has you separate the flesh from the juices, and add them in one at a time (flesh first, then the juices). I am wondering if you are supposed to roast the flesh for a bit before adding in the rest of the liquid.

I am really guessing here. Any input would be wonderful on how to make a marinara sauce that matches the richness of Rao’s.

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