Random kosher and Passover notes

Bride of the Juggler | Apr 22, 200508:55 AM

1. Here are a couple interesting resources for Kosher news and food reviews:

Kosher Today, updated weekly with industry news like new products and restaurants:

Kosher Blog
Food reviews, discussions, some Kashrut notes:

2. This year my husband purchased hard plastic and cut it to size to cover all the countertops for Passover. So much faster than cutting up plastic tablecloths to fit every year, and kinder to the counters since no taping is required. It cost about $50 at Arch St. Plastics in Philly.

3. After a long internet search for high quality Kosher for Passover espresso-ground coffee, my husband found Lavazza. Last year he used the brown brick, this year he's trying the blue tin.

4. Here in Philly, even thought the Irene's store is out of business, Zake's Deli at 5th and Spruce carries sealed Kosher for Passover pastries from the bakery in the NorthEast (Rabbi Novocellar hashgachah).

5. Trader Joe's has Kosher for Passover milk. Look for the big white sticker on the tops of the gallon jugs.

Enjoy! Thank you.

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