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Ramblings from StriperGuy - My Mojito


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Ramblings from StriperGuy - My Mojito

StriperGuy | Mar 29, 2003 12:48 PM

Just whipped up a nice mojito with lime juice, fresh mint, and rhum agricole from Bielle from Mari Galante near Guadeloupe in the French Carribbean. 59% alcohol 118 proof. Rhum Bielle should be consumed with caution, but makes a very tasty Mojito.

Mashed lime and mint with a mortar and finished with a good pour of Polar Springs lime fizzy water.

The rhum is white and made from cane juice not molasses. It has delightful vegetal and grassy notes that are very clean. It also has a base note of really funky tropicalness.

On Marie Galante they make a local drink called Ti Punch (pronounced tea punch). At a restaurant, when you order Ti Punch, a liter bottle of Rhum Agricole is brought over and placed on the table.

In addition, a glass for each person which already has lime in it. No ice. Finally, a bottle of cane syrup.

You basically pour as much rum as you want, squeeze the lime, and add the rhum. I only did it once, so I am not sure if the idea is "drink as much as you want." Suffice to say, don't drink too much 118 proof rum!

I am a real mojito enthusiast.

Mind-blowing food in Marie Galante...

More on Marie Galante in future posts.


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