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lestblight | May 27, 201206:00 AM

Hey everyone

I will not profess to know much about pickling- so i turn to you guys for some help and info.

I tend to make refrigerator pickles- you know some pickled red onions some chile's, carrots etc.

I think these are called quick pickles? I have never had them long in the fridge so i dont know if they would benefit from sitting a week or so. Any thoughts?

I try not to lose the crispness of the item being pickled- and i have heard calcium chloride can help with that? is this the same as BALL PICKLE CRISP?

I was looking at this http://www.bulkfoods.com/whole-foods....

anyone familiar with using it? ratios etc?

When creating my brine i bring the seasonings, vinegar etc to a boil then simmer for a little bit and then pour the boiling liquid over what im pickling.. im wondering if this is detrimental to the crispness of the veggie being pickled? I just dont want to increase the softening of the veggie.

Can i boil to open the spices and then cool it down before pouring over veggies?> Or is it necessary to pour while really hot?

Also what kind of pickles require fermentation? or is that just a matter of taste?


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