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Question about stainless fry pans (do I need them)

jljohn | Dec 11, 201106:42 AM


This is my first post here, though I have found the forums helpful in the past. I am looking for some advice. This time of year, WS and SLT have a number of sales, and I often find myself in the position of looking at some great piece of cookware at a great price and wondering if I need or would use it.

So, my question pertains to clad stainless fry pans (AC or Calphalon 8, 10, and 12" tri-ply pans). What do you use them for? How might they add to my cooking arsenal?

In the frying/searing/sauteing/braising department, currently have, and use regularly, 3 cast iron skillets (8, 10, & 12"), 3 anodized non-stick fry pans (8, 10, & 12"), 2 stainless tri-ply saute pans (3 Qt & 6 Qt), and my 5.5 Qt enameled dutch oven gets used to fry, sear, and braise from time to time. Given this setup, how could or would a clad stainless fry pan expand my cooking? I don't want to spend away money I could use on a copper saucier :) , but I would like to know if I might find these fry pans useful.

Thanks so much!

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