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A Question On A Small Business Idea ...


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A Question On A Small Business Idea ...

Dee | Sep 13, 2005 06:05 AM

I know this is not your typical question, and I'm not a professional chef, but I SURE could use your opinions, ideas, suggestions and tips. :-)

My husband and I are separated but good friends, and HE suggested this when I was trying to think of a way to make a little money, and knowing I enjoy cooking.

He works at a small truck engine shop and the men usually end up going on to eat (pizza, subs, etc.) at least twice a week, if not 3 times ... and spending on an average of 6-9 dollars each time. They have to travel to and from and it takes up much of their lunch time.

He suggested they would LOVE a good homecooked meal and would be perfectly willing to pay for it. Now granted, they can't pay anymore than they're paying now ... but as we talked about it, I could still make a small profit (that's all I want right now) if I buy from the local food wholesale clubs and they each pay me a certain amoutn per person ... it would work out well for them and for me.

NOW, I know that I'll need a separate kitchen ... and I'm looking into local churches and community kitchens, to rent from them... since they've all ready been inspected and all. All I should need is a business license .. right?

I was thinking of testing it on them for a few weeks, not charging anything ... to see what they thought and to see how it goes ... thinking of having husband pick it up in morning and letting them heat it themselves at noon? You think? Or is there a better way?

Do I make one large portion and let them divide it themselves, or make individual servings?

If I drove there to deliver it, I'd need to compensate for gas ... and have a way to keep it hot, since I live 45 minutes away.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I'm thinking, this COULD become more if it works out.


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