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Question about measuring flour...


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Question about measuring flour...

laylag | May 11, 2007 07:02 AM

I just read something about measuring flour and they advised something I do not do. I'd like to hear what you chowhound cooks, particularly the bakers, do and advise.

The article said to weigh flour not use cup measures but I don't actually have a food scale. Is there much difference? Most recipes I have don't have flour weights so if I bought a scale would 1 cup of flour be 8oz on the scale?

It also said to always sift flour before measuring. I do not do this. I measure then sift. Thoughts?

It then advised to spoon the sifted flour into the measuring cup and fill it loosely - do not pack it down. I've always filled it solidly and skimmed the top of a well packed measuring cup. Is this bad/wrong?

In sum, I'm becoming a pretty decent baker (more of a cook) and have been following scratch cake recipes with success. Should I change to the above instructions? Will my results be significantly different - ie, lighter, fluffier? What?


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