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Question about fiber and whole grains


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Question about fiber and whole grains

marcia | Feb 4, 2005 10:33 PM

My understanding is I'm supposed to be eating whole grain products because they have more fiber (whole wheat, not regular pasta; brown rice not white).

So I'm trying to be good and I'm reading labels. Can anyone explain the following to me?

Whole Foods brand packaged organic breads, uniform serving sizes:

White bread (1st ingredient unbleached wheat flour) 5g of dietary fiber p/serving.

White whole wheat bread (I've never heard of that, but I've bought it and it's about 1/2 way between white and whole wheat in terms of taste and texture) (1st ingredient white whole wheat flour) 4g of dietary fiber

100% whole wheat bread (1st ingredient whole wheat flour) 4g

Any thoughts?

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