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Serious question about what you expect for $100-$200 per person meals. I choke at $30

BIGGUNDOCTOR | Nov 16, 201105:15 AM

Not trying to stir the pot , so to speak, but what exactly do you expect for a meal that costs $100-$200 per person? The reason I ask is that I often see posts with titles like "Is it possible to get a good meal for $150 per person in XX city?" This is very foreign to me, as $150 (or less) is a months worth of groceries, or a weeks fuel tab to get to work and back. I make a decent wage, but I start to balk when a meal gets over $20. It may be because I am a frugal person by nature (that one meal could buy a months groceries), and partly due the fact that I feel that I will be disappointed in what I get for that price I( could have made it myself for less) etc. The most I have spent on a dinner was $75, and that was for two of us.

So my question to you is,, What would you expect for a meal that is in the $100-$200 per person range, and how often do you get a meal like this; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or only on special occasions? I don't need to know how much you make, or what you do for a living, but I would expect that you would be making $100,000 on up, or possibly retired.

Just curious.

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