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Question regarding a Chow board policy.....comments/opinions please.....


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Question regarding a Chow board policy.....comments/opinions please.....

jrvedivici | Jan 14, 2013 01:44 PM

There was a topic about an Italian deli on my local board which there were several posts on. The OP was asking some questions about the place and I posted my honest experience with the place which consisted of my getting a pre-packaged to go salad from there and upon opening it in my office finding a dead fly in it. My post was pulled and I'm copy pasting the reason chow gave me below:

"We don't allow reports of bugs, cooties, foreign objects found in food, etc., on Chowhound. Here's why: food, service, and ambiance are things anyone can opine on, and in time a consensus emerges. But while different chowhounds can balance each other's opinions - pro and con - for a restaurant's pasta or chocolate cake, once someone reports a bug, cootie, or foreign object, that warps the gravity of the discussion. It can never be balanced. And while we trust your sincerity, many people who report such things do so out of a motivation to smear a place."

While I can completely understand if I went on a tangent about the place being filthy blah blah blah and completely tearing it a part....OR.....if under my profile this was my only post/review about a place there is reason to be suspect of the post. But I for one DO want to know if people are finding, bug, fly's, ant's or dare I say roaches. In my opinion insect infestation or something of the like is very common in the industry and should be shared within the community here. (I understand a dead fly in a salad is NOT a sign of infestation.

My question in short is why would Chow have such a policy against allowing posts like this? It seems to be a valid point. If not being exaggerated or posted by a newbie in an obvious attempt to smear a place.

Your thoughts?

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