Question: Chalav Yisrael VS. Not


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Question: Chalav Yisrael VS. Not

Tina | Nov 13, 2003 09:20 AM

I was recently talking with a few classmates in my grad class about food, we're taking an American Jewish hist. class about material culture and we started to talk about food. Some people said that Chalav Yisrael ice cream, i.e. Klein's, is not as good as their non-Chalav Yisrael counterparts. Is there any good reason for this?

Also, do you find out of all the pareve Ice Cream-like frozen desserts that Tofutti is the best? I've recently tried IQ and a Klein's chocolate roll cake with vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert. I've been known to partake in Tofutti in an ice cream cone.

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